Special Experience

You can arrange special experience in Kyushu local festivals. In Japanese, "Mtsuri"means "Festival".

Japan have about 400000 Matsuri , many kind of type.

Please Enjoy that with following Tour tariff.




2019 Saga International Balloon Fiesta in Saga,Kyushu,Japan


The Saga International Balloon Fiesta is the biggest international hot air balloon festival in all of Asia.

Detail of Experience
A unique opportunity to enjoy the International Balloon Fiesta with an experienced balloonist, including a beautiful video, amazing stories and a great local buffet.
Info Saga International Balloon Fiesta i
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Tug of war Festival in Kagoshim,Kyushu,Japan


Preparations for this festival start bright and early, with over 1,500 people spending half a day braiding 365 ropes into one gigantic rope for the tug of war. 

Detail of Experience
Watch 1,500 people pulling the rope up close and even join in on this interactive!!
Info Tug of war Festival in Kagoshim,Kyu
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Kagura Festival in Kumamoto,Kyushu,Japan


The Namino area of Aso City has a flourishing Kagura dance scene. Kagura dance with mask is Japanese traditional performance for God.

Detail of Experience
Read about kagura performances before donning a costume and trying kagura dancing for yourself. Get the most out of the spectacular performances with an up-close look at kagura dancing.
Info Kagura Festival in Kumamoto,Kyushu,
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Kebesu Fire Festival in Oita,Kyushu,Japan


Kebes Fire Festival is very mysterious Festival in Japan. Select intangible folk cultural assets in Japan.

Detail of Experience
A bus tour from Oita and Beppu to the venue will be held. On the half-day tour, you'll get an up-close look at the Kebesu Festival and all the best attractions in Kunisaki, stopping at spots such as a local roadside station along the way.
Info Kebesu Fire Festival in Oita,Kyushu
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Hagi Kimono Week in Yamaguchi ,Japan


Hagi is the old castle town. This event is held every Autumn. You can enjoy wearing Japanese traditional kimono and walking around the traditional townscape.

Detail of Experience
Experience of wearing Japanese traditional kimono and walking around beautiful old town.
Experience of making of Japanese accessories that suit the kimono.
Info Hagi Kimono Week in Yamaguchi ,Japa
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YOSAKOI Sasebo Dance Festival in  Nagasaki,Kyushu,Japan


The biggest event in Sasebo's calendar! Take in the amazing energy of around 170 yosakoi dance troupes in over 10 venues around the city, including the main venue at Nagiri Festival Square. Dancers of all stripes - male and female, young and old - give powerful performances, shaking small wooden clappers called naruko in time to the music.

Detail of Experience
Please enjoy dance with Japanese people.
Info YOSAKOI Sasebo Dance Festival in N
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Coal Mine Bon Dance Festival with Japanese people                                                          in Fukuoka,Kyushu,Japan


About 200,000 Japanese people gather for dancing Bon dance together.Please join this time.

Detail of Experience
Tankobushi is one of the most iconic Bon dances in Japan. At this festival in the birthplace of the dance, you can wear a custom-made costume and join in the dancing!
Info Coal Mine Bon Dance Festival with J
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Karatsu Kunchi in Saga,Kyushu,Japan

Karatsu Kunchi is an annual autumn festival in Karatsu City, held over a three-day period from November 2 to 4 each year. 

Detail of Experience
Experience program combining a walking tour of Karatsu with sake tasting. Get to know Karatsu Kunchi in a walking tour that takes you through all the best spots, teaches you about the history of the festival and tells you how you can enjoy Karatsu Kunchi even more.
Info Karatsu Kunchi in Saga,Kyushu,Japan
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Dress up in a kimono and take a walk through the historic streets! Make your own paper lantern, light it and join the festival.

Detail of Experience
The moon and the lanterns cast a soft light over the Buke-Yashiki (samurai houses), cobblestone hills and merchant houses, drawing you into a magical world. Tea ceremonies are held in some of the old samurai houses, to the accompaniment of soft, elegant koto (Japanese harp) and shakuhachi (bamboo flute) music. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy this evocative festival that comes just once a year.
Info Kitsuki moon viewing festival in Ya
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Nobeoka Tengaichi Takigi Noh Theatre uses noh masks that were handed down from the Naito Family, the family of feudal lords that once ruled Nobeoka. The masks were made by craftsmen who were some of the best in the world at their trade. Some of the finest actors from the world of noh will perform, providing a premier experience of Japanese noh theatre.

Detail of Experience
Watch noh theatre by firelight with an English guide and spend the night in Nobeoka with this package. There is also an optional Nobeoka nature experience the following day.
Info Nobeoka Tengaichi Takigi Noh Theatr
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