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Did you Know Kyushu?That is a southern Island of Japan.They say that "Great Island".

You can get beautiful nature and amusement and amazing experience !!

The Jewel Island of Japan


 Historic Area.The story of Atomic bomb,Hidden Christians etc.

International city from old time.

Nagasaki City

Nagasaki prefecture

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 Ceramic ware,onsen,Ninja village,ancient ruins etc. This area has many face and attractions.

Saga Prefectures

Ninfa village in Saga

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 Aso volcano is mother of Kyushu.Now you can see one of most beautiful mountain scenery in the world.And Kumamoto castle is the three major Japanese castles.

Kumamoto City

Kumamoto Prefecture

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 Most big population and central of Kyushu.Good at shopping and city life and entertainments.

Fukuoka City

Fukuoka Prefecture

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 Southern area. This area has Sakurajima volcano.You can enjoy Sand bath,that is special style of only this area.

Kagoshima Prefecture

Kagoshia City

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 Onsen World.One of Best Onsen Area in World. There is Hallo Kitty's Amusement park.

Yufuin City Onsen world

Beppu City Onsen world

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 Miyazaki is area of mythology and Legends.Many traditional culture and architectural structures you can see here.

Miyazaki prefecture

Mysterious Takachiho

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Storys of Kyushu

The Scale of Kyushu's Economy and Land

The Kyushu region has an area of 42,180 km2, accounting for 11.2% of Japan's total area, and a population of 13.320 million people, 10.6% of Japan's total population.


Kyushu is made 7 prefectures and they have special area characters each.

Kyushu is one of the most popular Tourist attraction in Japan.

Recently many foreign tourists are coming Kyushu.

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